Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Tension!

You Can Do This One Sitting At Your Desk!

Are you constantly looking for ways to reduce your aggravating neck and shoulder tension?? Yoga offers so many great tools for this!! So today I share one of my favorite mini sequences that you can do anywhere (at your desk, on the couch, seated on the floor, basically anywhere you might be sitting right now!)

This one includes a nice lateral bend, so is great for morning or mid-day to help you refresh any sluggish feelings in your upper body in general. If you love this one, try doing it a bunch of days in a row and see if it helps over time!!

I have a few other neck videos here on the blog so feel free to peek around if you’re looking for other poses to try for your neck!

Remember… a little bit of yoga done consistently goes a long way :)

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Big hugs,