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Join me for small group classes, therapeutically-based series, or private yoga at my beautiful home studio.

All are welcome. ♡

Online videos are available on my YouTube Channel HERE! 


Small Group Classes

Offering Strength and Stretch and Deep Stretch and Relax classes in the Viniyoga Tradition.

Learn to practice yoga in an intentional, authentic way that truly serves you! Click here for schedules and pricing.


Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy empowers individuals to reduce their own suffering and improve their health through the ancient tools of yoga. A yoga therapy practice may include a combination of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantra, chanting, rituals, and lifestyle recommendations.

With a unique, individualized approach, Bernadette will develop a practice for you that suits your specific needs physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. Currently offering yoga therapy for structural and physiological conditions.


Private Yoga

Yoga catered to your unique needs and interests. Whether you are looking to master a set of postures, improve your daily functioning, or get started on a path to healthy, happy living, Bernadette will customize a yoga practice that serves your needs on and off the mat.


Yoga for Low Back Pain
(4-Week Series)

Nagging Backache? Gentle movement, guided by your mindful breath, has been proven to reduce or eliminate common backache. The key is short, simple practices that you can do every day to relieve muscle tension, build strength, and restore suppleness to the spine. You’ll learn effective techniques and receive a selection of practices that you can do at home every day to help your back feel better. Click here to receive more information and get on the list for the next series!


Yoga for Stress Reduction
(4-Week Series)

Take charge of your life with this amazing series targeting stress reduction! Weekly classes include simple postures, breathing, and guided relaxation. Each participant will also receive mini take-home yoga sequences to practice on your own throughout the series and beyond. Get educated about how stress affects us as well as how yoga and mindfulness can help. Learn lifestyle tips and tricks for how to become aware of your stressors, and how to make choices that will help eliminate, reduce, or manage them. Click here to receive more information and get on the list for the next series!


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Bernadette Soler, E-RYT200, RYT500, YACEP, CPT

“Helping you live happier & healthier.”


Bernadette is a proud military spouse, 500-hr yoga teacher, yoga therapist-in-training, Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, and owner of wellness lifestyle company and chic leggings line, Doll Yoga Wear, LLC. She has been teaching group yoga classes for over seven years, and specializes in developing unique yoga practices for individuals and special populations, including (but not limited to) military personnel and their families, corporate wellness settings, kids, and seniors. She enjoys applying the authentic teachings of yoga to your modern lifestyle in a simple and effective way. Having experienced the powerful life-changing effects of yoga, Bernadette is excited to help others move in the direction of their highest potential by way of these ancient teachings.

You can find me out and about in Frederick, MD and surrounding areas for yoga & fitness classes at the following locations: 


Client Testimonials: 

“There are a couple of things I think really stand out in Bernadette’s yoga classes which I really appreciate. 

She has a keen ability to teach a wide range of students.  It is not uncommon to have in the same class, a reluctant Marine who is required to take the class as part of their unit exercise program alongside someone who has attended yoga classes for years.  Bernadette is able to introduce Yoga to the reluctant beginner while challenging the experienced student at the same time. 

Along the same concept, I personally appreciated her ability to provide specific guidance to me as my yoga needs change during my pregnancy.  She knows exactly when I need a little (or big) modification to accommodate my growing belly and my ever-changing yoga needs.  Often times, I feel that yoga instruction given to pregnant women can underestimate the ability of the student. Bernadette provides instructions that allow me to safely challenge myself.  I always feel like I have a range of options depending on how I feel at the time.  So appreciated. 

Also, her ‘instructions’ are extremely clear.   It is extremely easy to follow along in Bernadette’s class because her instructions are very precise and clear.  Also her lines are crisp and super easy to see. 

It is apparent that Bernadette is well prepared for each class and has a set plan, but it is wonderful that she has such a depth of knowledge that she is able to adjust to the specific needs of the class.  For example, if there is a desire in class to do deep stretches or do more ‘wake up’ moves, then she incorporates that request seamlessly into the class as if she was prepared for that very request.”

~ Lisa R. 

“Bernadette is an amazing yoga teacher!  Her classes always feel warm and inviting. She does a great job making everyone feel comfortable, and she is very attentive. Before starting class, she surveys her students to see how she can tailor the class to best suit their needs and to help them modify when they need to, and she does this very well. She offers and integrates modification options in a very seamless way, so the classes keep a nice flow to them. Her directions are clear and easy to follow. She is so knowledgeable and does a great job teaching correct form and alignment. I also love the way she puts her sequences together. I always walk out of her classes feeling amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take her classes, and I can't recommend her more highly!”

~ Jessica B. 

“Bernadette will always be one of my favorite yoga teachers - her personal philosophies have always resonated with me, and she has a knack of describing alignment in a way that sticks with you because it is so easy to understand and execute. While she and I have both moved to new states, her teaching stays with me in my practice anytime I am lengthening in a twist, setting an intention or thinking about how I will take what I practice on my mat back into my life off the mat. Bernadette's classes always had the magic of giving me exactly what I needed, whether I knew it or not when I walked into the studio. I started in her classes not able to touch my toes, and unsure how to focus my energy around an intention. I'm a lifelong yogi now and could not recommend her more whether you are beginning your yoga journey or looking for the class that will be your favorite part of your week.”

~ Audrey V.

“Bernadette is a great teacher because she actually cares about her students and humans in general. Her classes are easy-to-follow and safe, but I always feel challenged in them. She emphasizes breath and provides lots of adaptations. I always feel better after her class!”

~ Andrew B. 

“I have been practicing yoga for almost 19 years and Bernadette has been one of my favorite instructors! She is so encouraging and so knowledgeable of all poses! I feel everyone wanted to take her classes not just because they were offered but because of her friendly outgoing personality. The class size grew and that is attributed to Bernadette's dedication to her students.”

~ Loraine C.