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Military Family Resources

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Navigating Military Family Life is an Adventure and a Challenge…

This page is here to help you find the support you need as a military family and spouse! I’ve created a few of the resources below, and others are trusted friends and colleagues that have your back as a military spouse.


Military Spouse Resources


At Ease, My Yoga E-Book for MilSpouses

At Ease contains 9 integrative yoga practices and one special breathing practice, each intended to support different aspects of the military family lifestyle.

In this e-book, you will find a mix of yoga postures, mantras, affirmations, breathing adaptations, and more! Complete with pictures and detailed instruction for each practice, it's accessible for practitioners at any level of yoga or fitness. 

While this e-book was specially created for military families, the themes in each yoga practice are universal (patience, gratitude, grounding, etc!) so all are welcome to explore the benefits of these ancient tools!

For a free sample practice from the e-book, visit


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