What Driving A Smart Car Taught Me About Untapped Human Potential…


This Summer and Fall, Dave and I have had the joy of driving a Smart Car that we borrowed from our family after we sold our truck during the move. A stinking cute and fun car, am I right?! 

What I didn’t realize driving this little nugget around town, wind in my hair, was how much it would teach me. It all started with a trip to Costco… To keep it short, I basically fit a crap ton of enormous Costco items into the Smart Car – an entire huge shopping trip fit very comfortably. I was awe-struck!!!! The other people in the parking lot were cracking jokes with me about it. I honestly wouldn’t have even taken the Smart Car if Dave hadn’t driven our other (regular-sized) car to work already. But this made me think…
The Smart Car has the potential to fit a full Costco-sized load. Had I had a choice, I would have never noticed that potential, because I wouldn’t have given the Smart Car a chance.
As human beings, we have enormous untapped potential in all areas of our lives – our health, our learning capacity, our physical fitness, our finances, our capacity for love and fulfilling relationships and friendships, the list is endless… think about the “best version” of what every single area of your life could be. But we’re not necessarily taught to pursue our potential, right? We’re just taught to survive. Eat to survive. Workout so we look and feel OK enough. Find friends and a life partner so that we don’t die alone. We get a job that makes us enough to cover our bills. What if we pursued more than that? What if we believed more in ourselves? What if we had faith that every area of our lives could be truly amazing? What if we ACTUALLY LIVED OUR BEST LIFE?!
So here’s my challenge for you today… think about the Smart Car in your life. Think of just one thing that might be totally better than you expect if you did one thing differently. Think about one area where you’re surviving instead of thriving. One area that maybe has some untapped potential. One part of your life that you maybe haven’t believed in so you haven’t given it a chance. I dare you to make one small habit change to fill your Smart Car. Maybe you track your finances better. Maybe you spend more time with the friends that uplift you and less time with the friends that gossip and complain. Maybe you ask to get promoted to your dream job. Maybe you eat more nourishing, intentional foods instead of just eating whatever because you have to eat. Maybe you go for a 15-minute walk every day, starting today.
It really doesn’t matter what change you make, but I just want you to remember that you are capable of amazingness in all areas of your life. We don’t hear this enough. Nobody tells us how much potential we might have and reminds us we’re allowed to fill that potential. Nobody tells us it’s OK to be scared and do it anyway. It’s OK to have doubts and do it anyway.
I invite you to take your Smart Car to Costco and fill that baby up! You might surprise yourself :)
xo, B

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