Proven Results: Why Every Crossfitter MUST Incorporate Yoga

What if I told you that a minimal amount of yoga would completely improve your Crossfit results? 

There are a lot of assumptions and opinions attached to BOTH Crossfit and Yoga, and it may seem like there is no overlap or even connection between the two. I'm here to bridge that gap. I recently found, through first-hand experience, that the two can seriously complement, even enhance each other. Keep an open mind as you continue reading my tried and true results with a Crossfitter and how it changed her workout and results for good! 

Image of athlete’s legs and feet in a Crossfit gym

This experience and these results reflect a program I designed for a particular individual who practices Crossfit regularly (4x/week), and our intention was to complement and compensate for her training. Our goals were the following: 

  1. Compensating and preparing for Crossfit training

  2. Developing the breath to enhance and assist with workouts

  3. Developing breath for endurance

My intention was to teach her a basic understanding of breath and movement (including Ujjayi and the principles of inhale/exhale and how they guide movement patterns in a way that would translate from yoga to any other workout she did). We did 20-35 minutes of yoga per session, for about 10 sessions together. Her results blew me away.

Here's what happened: 

  • She doubled her reps

  • She bumped up her weight without compromising form

  • Her range of motion increased and she noticed better balance and stability, and felt less restricted during her workouts

  • She felt less sore after workouts

  • She learned how to breathe to support her movements

  • She felt more comfortable and more flexible during post-workout stretches led by her coach

  • She slept better


Convinced yet? 

Balance, flexibility, and increased range of motion were all reported by the student. She particularly felt she had much more control during full-body movements and lifting exercises. 

But what stuck out to me most was her understanding of breathing! She went from years of holding her breath during Crossfit, to being able to figure out when, how, and why to breathe to support her exercise. She'd come to me excited about how she'd notice being back in her normal patterns of holding her breath, and then break down the exercise they were doing to see how it paralleled something we'd done in our yoga sessions together, and apply the same breathing principles. She said it would immediately improve her movements, increase her reps, and generally make everything more accessible! 

So if you practice Crossfit, I dare you to try a yoga class, or better yet, private, individualized yoga - I promise you will see results, and fast!! Switching up your routine can be so beneficial, and it gets us out of our patterns.  Always remember to modify for your unique structural condition and practice SAFELY - do your research on teachers before you commit to a class package. Find someone that knows their stuff. And keep up the great work, you rock for prioritizing your health and fitness, regardless of what type of exercise you do! 

I'd love to know what you guys think, and if you have any questions about this post! Leave me a comment! 

xo, B

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