Morning-Proof Your Day!

Ways to set yourself up for success and start your day completely inspired, even if you’re not a morning person… at all!

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Let’s get honest for a second. Some people are morning people (my husband wakes up one minute before his alarm and immediately stands up) and some people have a much harder time transitioning (I’ve been known to set multiple alarms – like 6 or 7, literally – and still have to stay in bed for a few minutes before my mind convinces my body to even roll over). The rest of the day I’m extremely positive and energetic – that’s my natural state. Mornings are just rough for me. And by the time I actually get up, I’m always rushed! And cranky. And starting the day that way does not lead to sunshine and rainbows.

It finally came time where I had 2 choices, to completely change or to accept it work with what I’ve got. I chose the latter. I literally Bernadette-proofed my mornings.

Without having to wake up ANY earlier or add ANY extra time-consuming activity to my routine, I’m able to wake up inspired, ready to go tackle the day’s tasks, and even eat a healthy breakfast! It’s all about prepping ahead of time and setting up systems to give your morning the extra kick it needs to get YOU back to your natural state – energized, happy and excited, soaking up the sun. It’s about knowing yourself. And If you know you’re not going to change, work with what you’ve got!

Here’s what happens:

I wake up to a fun and inspiring song, roll over and grab my phone (bad habit, right?) to open my email to an inspiring note (I told you this was fool-proof!), then I walk to my bathroom and see my goals and other love notes posted on the mirror. I listen to my “waking up fresh” playlist (all inspiring and upbeat songs) while I change into my strategically placed entire outfit for the day (we’re talking socks included). Once I’m ready, I grab my pre-packed bag, pre-filled water bottle, and pre-made healthy breakfast and lunch (ones that I can eat on the fly if I need to) and head out. Once I’m in the car, I have my pre-set radio stations (flipping between Elvis Duran and the Christian Rock station always gets me pumped for the day). Suddenly I have arrived at work ready to go, in a cute outfit, fed (sometimes I eat in the car, oops!), nourished by delightful quotes, funny radio shows, and all kinds of deliberately chosen moments to have already been motivated and inspired before I “technically” start my day. I virtually have no opportunities to be cranky, because there is a consistent flow of positive coming at me!

Now how has this changed my day?? I’m not late for stuff anymore (I used to spend all morning running around to grab a snack bar, looking for socks, etc. Now I just get up and go!). I start with a better mood. There are positive words everywhere I look, I’m listening to positive lyrics, and I have healthy food ready to go. My senses are bombarded with positive things rather than being sucked into my negative morning thoughts! I actually eat breakfast. Even if it’s on the walk from my door to the car. I look more put together. It’s all ready to go the night before so I don’t have to think or try stuff on in the morning or settle for something I don’t feel great in because I don’t have time to keep looking. I generally FEEL like I have my sh*t together more often, so I feel more confident and more prepared to have an awesome day.

My morning hacks…

So here are some ideas on how to re-vamp your wake-up routine so you’re set up for an amazing day. Even just one of these will make a huge difference!

  1. Set an inspiring alarm! I wake up every morning to the song “Road Less Traveled” by Lauren Alaina – so my first thought on waking is that I’m a badass that’s ready to crush some goals!! I’m not going to lie, I usually only need 1 alarm now that I’ve started these (maybe two if I went to bed late!) A great song is not the only option – there are plenty of apps that help with this. Try Yoga Wake Up App – it plays meditations and leads you through a guided wake-up stretch in your bed! So awesome!

  2. If you are a phone-grabber (like me!) make sure something is set up on your phone to make you feel awesome when you open it! I subscribe to – every morning they email you a daily dose of inspiration, so when I inevitably check my email, it’s there waiting for me! There is also a great app by Gabby Bernstein called Spirit Junkie, which loads beautiful affirmations every morning – so if you MUST be on your phone, at least you have something delightful to see.

  3. Once you actually move – leave yourself love notes, beautiful pictures, mantras, whatever you know will boost your spirits, around where you know you will see them! I leave myself notes on the bathroom mirror, with my goals and even sometimes just love notes (“you look amazing this morning”) literally anything that will keep me uplifted while I crankily get ready. I also set up my outfits the night before so I can just cruise and not kill my vibe my having to choose what to wear!

  4. When you hit the kitchen – have breakfast ready to go (something healthy, I usually do fruit or little egg cups, maybe a yogurt), water bottle full. So even if you’re eating on-the-go, you’re still having a healthy, nutritious meal.

  5. Have great music ready to go for the car (or even while you’re getting ready) to ensure you STAY in your good mood, even if there is traffic or frustrating drivers!

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to start your day fresh and ready for success! It’s OK to not be a morning person, but don’t let it ruin your whole day! If you have other ideas or tips for running a smooth morning, I’d love to hear them – please post in the comments!

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