How To Stay Well While Traveling!

Are you the type of person who loves to travel, take vacations, visit friends and family, and see the world? Sometimes it can be hard to stay feeling your best when your sleep patterns are disrupted, you’re eating different foods, and there are daily stressors that you may encounter from being away from home and out of your routine. I just got back from an amazing vacation to Grand Cayman, and I feel so fortunate to be able to take wonderful trips with my family! 

This time around, I did a slightly better job of planning so that I could keep myself feeling well as much as possible while traveling! Here are some of my tips and favorite products from the week…

Taming Travel Tummy: 

Traveling and eating new cuisines can do some funky stuff for the tum, I know I don’t need to go into details here! I have 2 tricks currently… 

Triphala Balancing Formula

Triphala Balancing Formula

  1. I always bring Triphala, an herbal formula that supports the digestive system, and can particularly help keep you “regular”. I like the liquid extract, and it also comes in tablet form!

  2. I also love to have doTerra’s “DigestZen” blend on hand – if I ever feel funky (or even just bloated from overeating or having a couple drinks), I rub a couple drops directly on my belly and it always helps!

doTerra’s DigestZen Digestive Essential Oil Blen

doTerra’s DigestZen Digestive Essential Oil Blen

Getting Enough Sleep: 

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray

Being away from your own bed and being on an altered schedule can really disrupt how well you sleep! On this trip, I made a point to get enough rest – going to bed at a decent enough time to get 8 hours (let’s be honest, I took a couple naps too!) I also bring Rescue Sleep – a homeopathic mouth spray, it works so well! 

The Bod: 

I ache when I travel! I have always made a point to move around while I’m on the plane or in the car – even if it’s just stretching in my seat. 2 ways I combat the bodily aches of travel…

  1. This time around, I practiced a combination of 2 therapeutic yoga practices before, during, and after traveling. I have one I designed for my upper back, neck, and shoulders (I do this one regularly actually to decrease pain and tension) and a separate one for low back, sacrum, and hips. I MOSTLY did the lower body practice to compensate for lots of sitting on the plane, etc. but I did supplement with the upper body practice a bit for full-body maintenance. I also brought a body weight workout I made to add a little bit of strength without having to find equipment. I did the workout once on the trip and did one of my yoga practices about every other day. If you are interested in some custom routines to use during your travels, let’s talk! It felt good to stay active.

  2. I also love to bring a muscle rub so I can use it on the plane or just whenever I feel tight! I use Deep Blue from doTerra.

The Sun:

Arbonne Mineral Sunscreen

Arbonne Mineral Sunscreen

I’m getting so diligent about using a ton of sunscreen!! In my gradual transition to being as toxin-free as possible, I’ve recently found this mineral sunscreen from Arbonne that I totally love! It felt amazing to not have a miserable sunburn the whole trip! Who would have thought… 

I love knowing that I have so many tools to take great care of myself and still have a super active and social lifestyle. And of course there are always things I realize I can improve on!

My goal for my next trip…

Drink more water.

I honestly am so spoiled by our Berkey Filter that I never like the taste of tap or even other filtered or bottled water. But hydration is so essential! I want this to be a top priority on my next vacation! I could probably strive for more veggies too…  :)

What do you do to stay well while traveling? I'd love to hear!

Be (and travel!) well <3

xo, B

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