How to Practice Gratitude NOW

Easy ways to add gratitude to your routine (even if you have no extra time!)

Woman on yoga mat with hands over heart

One thing I love about the holiday season is that everyone is reminded of how beautiful and wonderful our lives and relationships truly are. We get the warm fuzzies and remember to be grateful, give back, and practice extra kindness. But what about the rest of the year? Can you imagine how much more positive life would be if you remembered to be grateful every day? Let’s turn this into a daily trend, a new habit, and re-wire our brains to find gratitude in the ordinary!! Who’s with me?

Practicing gratitude regularly can help to shift your daily perspective, celebrate all that you already have, reduce stress and negative emotions, improve your self-esteem, and generally just help you live a happier, more abundant life! And best of all, gratitude is FREE!

Here are some EASY ideas to make gratitude a part of your routine!

  • Gratitude Journal: this takes a bit longer, but is a great way to combat stress and negative feelings – take 10 minutes a day (or even once a month!) to write down literally everything that you are grateful for! Don’t worry about getting fancy, the ordinary things in life are worth writing down just as much as the bigger things (for instance, a great meal, a good night’s sleep, etc!). You can have a beautiful notebook that you only use for gratitude, or even just write them down on a napkin!

  • Make it a daily activity with family or friends. My husband and I each name 3 things we are grateful for every night when we go to bed. It’s so easy, and it’s wonderful that our last conversation of the day is always a lovely one! Pick a time with a friend, your spouse, or even your whole family (dinner table talk, perhaps!) that you all share at least one thing that you were grateful for that day. And the great thing about doing group gratitude, is even if you forget one day, likely the other person/people will remember and keep you accountable!

  • Set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you to think of something you are grateful for at the same time every day – this makes it SOOO easy, you only have to do it once and then every day you will remember to think of something you are grateful for!

  • Add it into your daily routine – for example, every time you take a shower, you think of a few things you are grateful for, or every time you get into your car, make dinner, work out, etc! Once it becomes a regular thing, you’ll ALWAYS remember to be grateful because it won’t feel like anything extra, it will just be habit along with that activity!

  • Add it into your yoga practice! I like to end each yoga practice with thinking of one thing that I’m grateful for. Just one! Even if it’s something small, it totally counts (usually mine have to do with the next meal I’m about to have – but heck, of course I’m grateful for the food that nourishes me!)

I hope this has helped you see how easy it can be to add gratitude into your daily life and get that instant boost in attitude and spirit! Watch over time how your mind will automatically begin to see the positive in situations, count your blessings, and feel a sense of wonder in the ordinary! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it WILL enhance your life in incredible ways! 

Bernadette SolerComment