D.I.Y. Yoga Mat Spray

Blue spray bottle beside small bottle of lavender essential oil

There is no better feeling than knowing your forehead is resting on a CLEAN yoga mat!

I have been using and loving this DIY mat spray for a couple of years - it is EASY, AFFORDABLE, and customizable for EVERYONE (just like yoga!). All you need is a small spray bottle (I love the dark blue glass one from Whole Foods), a bottle of witch hazel (you can find at any drug store - the witch hazel will last a long time and you can use it for plenty of other things), and your favorite essential oil (I have been loving doTerra Essential Oils, but you can also purchase oils at any health food store or even on Amazon!)


• Fill your spray bottle ¾ of the way with fresh water
• Fill it up the rest of the way with witch hazel
• Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

I love to use Lavender because it is so relaxing and great for an evening practice, but try whatever you love! Orange and Lemon are energizing and uplifting, and have natural cleansing properties, Eucalyptus is refreshing - whatever makes you feel great on your mat. 

Hint to fellow teachers: This can also be used to wipe off your feet after class!! There is nothing worse than the dusty foot situation if you are teaching the last class of the day :) 

Bernadette SolerComment